SaltWay starts from the cooperation of two Italian managers involved in the international business environment for years. Nowadays the associates of SaltWay are growing year by year. Our method is primarily based in Cuneo (Italy), while we also have built our own network all over Europe, as well as in the US and in Canada up to the Far East, because we strongly believe that if you want to enter into a new market, you have to do it from the inside.

The founders

Andrea Abbà is the president of the company. 
Strongly skilled in different fields, he entered in the international business environment more than 20 years ago.

Andrea started his career in the telecommunications with an international IT group, teaching the sales' strategy in marketing and business fields.

Then he moved to the logistic sector, working for a shipping company and taking care both of the air and naval areas.

After this experience, he began to work in the import-export field, starting with a farm machinery industry. Here, bringing the company to succeed at a global level, he reached the position of General Manager.

Then, Andrea moved to an interior doors design company, operating in Russia and all over East Asia.

Nowadays, he is a consultant for the African governments in the agricultural sector, organizing conferences and working for the technical improvement of agriculture all over the world.

He personally owns, as an associate, an Italian company of high-tech farm implements.

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Carlo Dho is the CEO of the company. 
As the youngest in the SaltWay family, Carlo's knowledge about China and Asia was forged through the University of Turin, the ESCP Europe Business School (one of the most prestigious business schools in the world) and the Zhejiang University (the third best university in China), the last step of his academic path. 
Carlo is also an Associated Professor of business and negotiation at the Zhejiang Yuexiu University, where he gives speeches and takes part in conferences, and an official consultant of the Chinese government. He is therefore completely integrated in the Asian environment not only from a business perspective, but also from a cultural and human point of view. 
However, Carlo doesn't forget his origins, he still spends most of his time in the Langhe hills, area that favors the diffusion of food and beverages popular all over the world. Wine, cheese, truffles... all Italian excellences that have origin here.
As the CEO, Carlo's dynamic approach toward Asian companies and his trips allowed SaltWay to ensure a widespread and safe network of contacts all over the East. 

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