Your Bridge to the World


SaltWay deals with export consultancy and business development. Never like today has a team of senior professionals, with years of experience in managing and developing business abroad, proved to be a winning card.

Our area of expertise stands from US and Canada, all over to South America, Northern Europe,  Africa and the Asia-Pacific region (China, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand...), covering all the most relevant areas for European exports all over the world.

Marketing strategy

What is the best strategy to develop your business abroad? Are cultural differences a truly insurmountable problem? What value does "Made in Europe" still have?


Lands full of opportunities are waiting for you, the time has come to seize them. China and the US, to name a few, are not markets for beginners, but with the advice of an expert you have a billion reasons to consider them.

We provide concrete solutions.

Product Sourcing

China and Asia can give you just about everything you need. However, the characteristics and size of these complex markets have produced substantial differences in quality levels. The expertise is a "must have" there, something that cannot be overlooked.


SaltWay gives you access to the best advices from experts working together in Italy and Asia for you. We can give you exactly what you need in the easiest and safest way possible. Contact us today for advice.