Trademark Registration in China

What does it mean?

To carry out a "registration" process in China means to secure a name, a brand, a logo, or even just an idea, before starting to have business with the Middle Kingdom. Regarding trademarks, it is essential to start the procedure with adequate notice to the entrance of the relevant product or service on the market, because it usually requires a long period of time.

Why is it important?

In a highly competitive and dynamic market like the Chinese one, the major risk is that what you are intended to bring here will be registered by someone else, causing you the loss of any legal right on your product or service. Even if you have already registered your trademark at an international level, it does not mean you have an ownership right in the Chinese territory unless you explicitly requested, and paid, the relative extension. There are countless examples of European companies found themselves involved in endless legal battles, forced to shell thousands of euros to recover something they previously owned.

How to do it?

For what concerns the registration of trademarks and patents, Salt Way directly relies on Chinese government offices. Since our company has legal residence in Mainland China, we have the power to act on behalf of foreign companies, following their declared request. You just need to share some documents with us, in order to prove the real ownership of what you are willing to register, and you're done! Even if Chinese bureaucracy is particularly slow, what matters is that from the time our request is forwarded to the Trademark Registration Office on, no one will be able to overtake you anymore. China is following the "first to file" principle: the earliest you forward the application, the earliest you acquire the right to register. If the documents are in order you will be finally safe, free to address China in the only way able to guarantee the success of your business.

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