During 2016 several Salt Way projects concerned the Food & Beverage sector. We were dealing with the introduction of Italian franchises and brands on the Chinese market, commissioned by  different companies.

The European Food & Beverage, acclaimed worldwide, enjoys particular popularity in China. Wine, coffee and sweets are nowadays among the most imported products in the Middle Kingdom.

You have real investment opportunities in China, thanks to our contacts within Chinese government and companies, both for on-site production or the simple distribution of such products.

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China reached the top level of the high-tech industry. The days when the Chinese market was simply copying European or American technologies are officially gone. Nowadays million of manufacturers from all over the world have operating units on the Chinese territory.

If you want to transfer, enhance, or produce in a cheaper way while maintaining quality control, or even if you think to sell your business, contact us for a consultancy today. We'll elaborate the best solution for you: someone who can speak your language and get along with you will make everything as smooth as possible.

And if the same person can speak and understand Chinese language, culture and market, you'll have the answer to your questions. A real and operational answer.