"Safety Package": How to Enter Into the Chinese Market Without Any Risk


Do you want to take the train to China but you're afraid as well? Someone will steal your name, your website... probably even your logo. Better to avoid it, right? The aforementioned situation can become true if you decide to expose yourself on the Chinese market without the proper method... just forget it and do not harm yourself. We'll take care of it for you.


First of all, our method reckon on  a legal registration recognized by the government of the People's Republic of China. Creation, registration and protection of name, logo and format in English and Chinese language. No one will be able to undermine your existence here anymore. One key word: safety. 

Let's Do It!

We offer a customizable "safety package", able to protect you in the Middle Kingdom. We give you the opportunity and the proper method to bring your business, or just your idea, on the other side of the world in complete safety. Enter into the Chinese market without the proper method has no benefits, let Salt Way accompany you is the solution.

"Brand Diffusion Package": Spread Your Trademark in China

The years in which everyone was pursuing the so called "American Dream" are now long gone. Ever heard about the "Chinese Dream"? Any business that is able to get a market share in China, no matter how small, is likely to see its turnover improve. But how to provide proper visibility to your business in the Middle Kingdom? We are talking about a far away land and, above all, a different and extremely complex business culture. Fortunately, Salt Way has the knowledge and the proper method to make all this become true. Contact us and ask for the "brand diffusion package", created and shaped on the basis of the characteristics of your business.